Shoesforall asked:  Clark/Lois?

Where do I start? They’re my original recipe OTP and a huge part of why is because it really does fascinate me that he’s basically a god on Earth and this very human woman knocks him on his ass.  Lois is extraordinary enough in her own right that she can hold her own, without being powered, with one of the most extraordinary beings on the planet.  And I love it that Clark loves her rough edges, that the fact that she can be a ball-buster when she wants to be is one of the things he’s most drawn to.  He knows she’s tough enough to keep up with him.  When they’re written at their best - like throughout Superman: The Animated Series/Justice League Animated or some of the best episodes of later-seasonSmallville - they totally jump up and down on the button I have about Snarktastic Equals, in the best possible way.

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